The Marine Data Archive is a repository for data files, set up for users to independently manage their data files in a well-documented way.
Although the files and folders in the archive are managed by the user some actions cannot be executed, even as a Write Full registered user.

For the following actions, a user should contact

  1. You want to start up a shared folder in the frame of a project or as part of the data management activities of your institute.
  2. You want to change access rights on an existing shared folder.
  3. You want to give access to or remove other user(s) from a shared folder.
  4. You want to make your data file(s) citable.
  5. You want a DOI for your data file.
  6. You want to make your data file public.
  7. You want to integrate your data in an online data system.
  8. You have a question on the use of the Archive and did not find the answer in the FAQ or in the Manual.
  9. You have a question on the MDA Data policy.