Frequently asked questions

  1. I want to register to the Marine Data Archive and did not find the Registration tool.
  2. I forgot my password.
  3. If I upload a file, can everyone download it?
    Only a person with access to the root folder of the file, is able to download the file. The access to the root folders is managed by VLIZ. VLIZ will only allow access to users or remove users for a specific folder after consultation with the manager(s) of the folder. More on this is described in the MDA Policy.
  4. I do not understand when my file is archived.
    After an upload, your files are automatically stored in the quarantine folder. Files in the quarantine folder are NOT archived. First you need to add a minimum of metadata information to the file. A file can only be archived when you complete all required metadata fields. You can recognize the required fields as the underlined fields. When they are completed, the file is labelled with . Now you can select ‘Archive file’ and transfer your file from the quarantine to a folder in the archive.
  5. What is the purpose of a Fileset?
    Data files are often used within different projects, workshops or reports. If you want to trace back to the correct data file version used, you can create a fileset to group the data files. This grouping is not a duplication, nor a physical grouping, the data files are linked and made downloadable as part of the fileset, but are physically stored in another structure.
  6. I do not understand how to describe my data.
    The Manual of the Marine Data Archive describes how to use Templates to describe a file. If you cannot find the answer to your question in the Manual, you can contact
  7. Why can’t I move a certain file?
    Actions on or in a folder are regulated by the access right defined for the root folder. If you cannot move a file, your access rights do not allow executing this action. If you think you should be able to perform this action, contact
  8. Why can't I upload folders?
    The File Upload Tool can only upload files. However you can drag and drop a folder, the content of this folder is then added to the file-overview.
  9. Why doesn't the archive work in IE8 and older?
    The archive doesn't work in IE8 and older due to functionality that is provided. To be able to use the archive you will have to upgrade to at least IE9 or use a different browser.